Services for SKW members

The SKW provides its members with various services in the area of Swissness and Export.

Information on legislation and market access in export countries

Our approximately 60 Swiss manufacturers have access to our extensive international network, thanks to which all issues of registration, market access and regulatory requirements can be accessed worldwide.

We offer them special support in the fields of “Swissness” and export. They can join the working group "Swissness and Export" and exchange information with the other members in the antitrust protected environment. In addition, they can draw on the worldwide SKW network in the field of "Regulatory International". The SKW has constantly expanded this network thanks to worldwide partnerships with international associations and companies. As a result, SKW members have access to information on legislation and product registration, as well as the events, consulting services and publications of the most important industry associations, trade fairs and export organizations. For example, SKW members benefit from discounted participation in trade fairs and events at our partner organizations Switzerland Global Enterprise and swiss export.

Free Sale Certificates

For our members we issue Free Sale Certificates for export. Here you will find the corresponding policy