About us

The Swiss Cosmetic and Detergent Association (SKW) is the leading national association of the cosmetics, detergent and cleaning products industry. The around 100 members it represents achieve domestic sales of about CHF 3.0 billion (consumer prices) and CHF 2.0 billion in exports.


The SKW was set up in 2001 from the merger of the Association of Swiss Soap Producers (SWI) and the Association of the Swiss Soap and Detergent Industry (VSKI).

The SKW is affiliated to European umbrella organisations such as the «A.I.S.E. – the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products» and «Cosmetics Europe – the Personal Care Association».  

At national level the SKW is member of «economiesuisse», the Swiss Business Federation.

Vision & Mission

Body care products, detergents and cleaning products make an enormous contribution to personal and collective well-being and to hygiene and cleanliness.

Our mission is to represent the interests and provide support for this highly innovative, sustainable and competitive industry in Switzerland in order to optimally meet the needs of consumers and protect the environment.


The SKW is an association established pursuant to Art. 60.ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. The bodies of the Association are the General Assembly, the Managing Board, the Audit Body and the Administrative Office in Zurich.

The Association's lean structure – equivalent to a total of 280% full-time posts – requires the close collaboration of its member companies in its work. This mix strengthens member identification with «their» Association and has proven to be very efficient in practice.