20. October 2021

CosmeticBusiness 2021

International trade fair for

the cosmetics supplier Industry


20. - 21.10.2021

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08. November 2021



8 - 16 November 2021

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14. December 2021

SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA 2021

"World of Private Label"


14. - 15.12.2021

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16. November 2022

SWISS Pavilion @ Cosmoprof Asia 2022

Hong Kong

16. - 18.11.2022

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The "Swissness" legislative package came into force on 1 January 2017. The revised Trademark and Coat of Arms Protection Act clarified the provisions on the indication of origin "Swiss Made" and the use of the Swiss flag on products.

a) Implications for Swiss manufacturers

The new "Swissness" criteria in the Trademark and Coat of Arms Protection Act strengthen the protection of the designation of origin "Switzerland" and the Swiss flag inland and at the same time facilitate protection abroad. 

All products that use the "Swiss Made" designation of origin or the Swiss flag are subject to the new trademark protection legislation. The "Swiss Made" Ordinance for Cosmetics applies specifically to cosmetics. This ordinance is based on a preliminary draft of an industry ordinance prepared by the Swiss Cosmetics and Detergents Association (SKW), which was approved by the Federal Council on 23 November 2016. When using the designation of origin "Swiss Made" or the Swiss flag on the product: 

b) Implications for suppliers of raw materials

Suppliers who use the "Swiss Made" designation of origin or the Swiss flag must also comply with the new legal Swissness provisions. The supply contracts should stipulate that the supplier is liable to the manufacturer for negative consequences in the event of a false indication of origin of a raw material.

Suppliers must be informed by the manufacturer of the SKW positive list for cosmetic raw materials and its meaning:


c) Auxiliary means

All essential information on the new ordinances, including the "Swiss Made" Ordinance for Cosmetics with ordinance texts and explanations, are available on this website: https://www.ige.ch/en/law-and-policy/national-ip-law/indications-of-source/swiss-indications-of-source/industry-ordinances/the-swiss-made-ordinance-for-cosmetics.html

For reasons of antitrust and liability law, it is unfortunately not possible for SKW to provide companies with calculation aids.