We are an industry association with a national and international network and extensive knowledge pool and in this capacity, are able to provide our member companies with a comprehensive service package that makes membership a very attractive option for both international groups and Swiss manufacturers.



Besides extensive information about technical innovations and new legislation, we manage and co-ordinate workgroups, ERFA groups and committees for our members.


Statements and statistics

In addition we prepare statements and statistics and supply legal and technical information.



We supply detailed notifications to our members on amendments to legislation which are planned or have entered into force in Switzerland or the European Union, technical innovations, media enquiries, media issues and the latest news in the media from international associations.


Free Sale Certificates

Preparation and certification of Free Sale Certificates for export markets.


EKAS industry solution

Access to the EKAS industry solution «Occupational Safety and Health» for ECO Swiss companies in the chemicals processing industry (Swiss manufacturers). The industry solution allows companies to set up the required safety system on their own responsibility. The handbook contains all the necessary documents such as hazard identification, risk assessment, safety standards, checklists, working aids etc. Compliance with EKAS directives is obligatory. Their regulations apply without exception to all companies which hire employees in Switzerland.


Publicity work

We offer various topics and brochures in the publications sections including free access to information materials and technical brochures for members, consumers and educational institutions.


Press review / online media monitoring

We supply a weekly review of press articles divided by industry segments providing a short informative overview of the main press topics from Switzerland and abroad. Our valuable co-operation with ARGUS gives members the opportunity to utilize online media monitoring at any time.