The “Swiss Made” Ordinance for Cosmetics

The new Ordinance on the Use of Swiss Indications of Source for Cosmetic Products (the “Swiss Made” Ordinance for Cosmetics) regulates the use of Swiss indications of source for cosmetic products and for certain cosmetic ingredients.

The ordinance strengthens the “Swiss Made” designation and Swiss indications of source for cosmetics generally in line with the new “Swissness” legislation. The specific rules take into account the particularities of cosmetic products.

If a Swiss indication of source is used, not only a minimum of 60 per cent of the manufacturing costs for cosmetics must in future arise in Switzerland, but also at least 80 per cent of the research, development and production costs. In addition, the ordinance also stipulates the specific activities that particularly influence the quality of a cosmetic product which, as a result, must take place in Switzerland.

The draft ordinance was based on a preliminary draft by the Swiss Cosmetic and Detergent Association (SWK) in collaboration with the Association for the Protection of Swiss Cosmetics. 

The new ordinance enters into force together with the general “Swissness” legislative provisions on 1 January 2017.