We have an extensive network of contacts to all the relevant Swiss industrial associations and NGO.


National partners

ALLIANZ Design-for-Recycling Plastics

An ALLIANCE for the promotion of recycling management in plastic packaging
Various players along the entire value chain have joined forces to form the "Allianz Design for Recycling Plastics". The alliance aims to make recycling simpler, more transparent, of higher quality and more marketable - with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of plastic packaging.


Swiss Aerosol Industry
The aims of the ASA Association is to promote the Swiss Aerosol Industry. Coordination of technical and legislative issues.


Platform for Personal and Home Care companies 
Chemberry is fast growing internet platform aiming at transforming the way consumer care brands and suppliers interact by fostering transparency and collaboration in a customer-centric way. The company currently lists more than 550 companies from the Personal Care and Home Care industry and is about to expand to further service providers to better support SMEs within these industries.


Swiss Association of Hairdressing Salons
The manufacturers and importers of professional hair care products are organised in a separate SKW working group. Their long-term cooperation partner is «coiffureSUISSE», the association of hairdressing salon owners.


The largest umbrella organisation representing the Swiss economy
In its position as Swiss Business Federation, «economiesuisse» has the support of more than 30,000 businesses of all sizes, employing a total of 1.5 million people in Switzerland. «economiesuisse» represents the interests of industry in the political process and campaigns for optimal basic conditions. Among its members are 30,000 Swiss businesses from all branches of industry; they include both large and small businesses, export-oriented companies and firms which focus on the domestic market.


The Swiss industry organisation for environmental protection, occupational safety and health
ECO SWISS treated issues which affect all companies. ECO SWISS offers a platform and a network for companies and associations to cope jointly with these issues and find solutions.


The National Association for Textile Care Labelling
GINETEX-SWITZERLAND aims at establishing and supporting a correct universal care labelling system on the basis of symbols which are protected trademarks. GINETEX-SWITZERLAND is also responsible for the labelling of raw materials in Switzerland. The SKW is a founder member organisation of GINETEX-SWITZERLAND and is a member of the board of directors.


Look Good Feel Better
Charitable organisation set up by the cosmetics industry and based in the SKW Administrative Office, offering free cosmetic courses to cancer patients with the aim of enhancing their appearance and strengthening their self-esteem. The SKW provides the LGFB with the necessary staff and premises.


The Nielsen Company
Nielsen offers a comprehensive portfolio of market information originating from a wide range of sources with advanced management information tools as well as highly developed analytical systems and methods. The company’s specialty fields include: 

  • Measuring market success 
  • Analyzing market and consumer trends 
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in marketing and sales 
  • Recognizing growth potential and market niches


The Swiss Business Association Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences
Umbrella organisation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry across the whole of Switzerland. Its approximately 200 member companies are actively engaged in the research, development, production and sale of pharmaceutical specialities, vitamins, industrial speciality chemicals, plant protection products, aromas and fragrances. The SKW has access to «scienceindustries» events and working groups and leads co-ordination discussions in the areas of legislation and statistics.


Association of Detergent/Cleansers, Cosmetics and Perfume Industries
Professional association with close contacts to SKW; joint management of events and exchange of technical information.


Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry Association
Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry Association. Co-operation on technical matters and in the field of communication.


Swiss Professional Association for Cosmetics
Beauticians Union (beauty salons). Co-operation on technical matters and in the field of communication.


Switzerland Global Enterprise
S-GE works under the authority of the Swiss government, helping companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to develop international business relations. As such S-GE manages the Business Network Switzerland, an extensive network of competent partners both in Switzerland and abroad. The SKW co-operates on technical matters and with trade fairs.


Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Platform
This platform was founded by the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property together with the ICC Switzerland (Swiss National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce) with the aim of fighting counterfeiting and piracy by promoting co-operation between business and Swiss federal agencies and educating the public. Co-operation with this organisation.

swiss export

Association suisse d'exportation
is committed to the practical dissemination of up-to-date knowledge and for the beneficial networking of its member companies. Since 1973, the «swiss export» association has grown to become the largest private export promotion organisation and a strong partner for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies. «swiss export» creates market advantages for its members. Its activities focus on improving the competitiveness and the general framework for international companies. Today, «swiss export» has several hundred members which include exporting companies from all branches of industry.


Swiss Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Professional association with close contacts to SKW; joint management of events and exchange of technical information.


Swiss Association for the Lacquer and Paint Industry
The leading Swiss association for the lacquer, paint and printing ink industry with approximately 60 member companies. Co-ordination discussions in the fields of legislation and statistics. Technical information.

VSS Lubes

Association of the Swiss Lubricant Industry
Leading, independent association for all companies in the lubricant sector (additives and components) with around 45 members. It brings together producers, importers, dealers, specialist laboratories and waste disposal companies.