As the «voice of the industry», the SKW is an indispensable instrument for representing the industry's interests in politics, industry and society. The basic aim of any association is to reach common aims together and to provide mutual support.


Membership expands your company's personal contacts and permits the open exchange of experience with the most important national and international companies in the industry at executive management level.

Enhanced access and dialogue with industry and production partners, international umbrella associations (A.I.S.E. and Cosmetics Europe), politicians, authorities, the media and NGOs.


Permanent exchange of knowledge and experience

Participation in national and international events and in the Association's conferences (e.g. on the EU Directive on Cosmetic Products or the new Swiss Chemicals Law).

Permanent exchange of know-how and experience between technology decision-makers thanks to access to interesting events, working groups and technology committees.


Useful contacts

National and international contacts to experts and specialised institutions.

Assistance in questions related to legislation (Switzerland and EU) and technical issues.

Efficient public relations through permanent contacts with the media.


Early participation in shaping the general framework

Due to advance information on the start and progress of national and international legislative projects, SKW members have a time lead over their competitors when it comes to producing and marketing their products.

Direct influence on Swiss legislation, participation in addressing statements, applications and interventions with authorities, public offices and politicians (e.g. consultation processes, approaches, applications).

Personal participation in setting the general framework for the industry (e.g. Chemicals Law, cosmetics legislation etc.).


Important current issues and information

Direct information from European umbrella organisations such as Cosmetics Europe and A.I.S.E., access to their events, publications and services.

Unlimited access to the SKW Extranet allowing a permanent flow of information (e.g. internal statements, SKW notifications, internal dates, structured press review).

Rapid information on changes in legislation, market innovations and new technology at Swiss and European level.


Enhanced marketing channels for industry products

Online presence of brands, marketing and production programs and access to the information network open up new marketing channels.

Improved image of member companies on the market due to their membership in the Association and their associated commitment to the SKW’s mission statement.


Industry facts and figures

Participation in SKW statistics allowing access to key market figures free of charge.