Ecolab (Schweiz) GmbH

Specialist fields:

Professional washing and cleaning (B2B)

Fields of activity:

Importer, Manufacturer

Product group:

Cleaning products, Detergents, True, Dishwashing detergents, Disinfectants


Apex, Aquanomic, Assert, Brial, Carpet, Chromol, Clear Dry, Diesin, Ecobrite, Eltra, Energy Clean, Epicare, Freezer Cleaner, Grease, Greenspeed, Guardian, Imi, Bendurol, Incidin, InnuScience, Into, KitchenPro, Kristalin, Lime-A-Way, Maxx, Mould-ex, Ne-o-dor, Neomax, Oasis, Per Vetro, Perco Plus, Protec, Pursol, Regain, Relaclean, Relaroom, Relatex, Relavit, Relaxin, Renolit, Rilan, Sirafan, Solid, Spirigel, Stain, Strip-A-Way, Taxat, Topclin, Topmat, Topmatic, Toprinse, Topwash, Trump, Xense, X-Streamtec, Bio-X